Our Story

Our Story

In 2020, when James Crocker was just thirteen years old, his world changed dramatically when his beloved grandfather's senior home was placed on lockdown. Unable to visit him in person, James felt the sting of separation and the weight of his grandfather's loneliness. Determined to maintain their bond, James turned to letter writing in substitute for emails since his Grandpa swore against technology. Pouring his heart onto paper, he sent his grandfather messages of love and encouragement, hoping to bridge the physical distance with emotional connection.

As days turned into weeks and lockdown persisted, James realized that his late grandfather wasn't the only one experiencing this isolation. Senior homes across Connecticut echoed with the quiet ache of loneliness. Inspired by his own experience, James decided to take action. With a handful of letters and a heart full of determination, he founded "Letters for Our Elders" in 2020, a youth-led initiative aimed at spreading joy and companionship to seniors in local homes.

As lockdown measures lifted, James didn't stop with letters alone. He began visiting his grandfather's friends in person, inviting friends to join him in brightening the days of seniors through shared conversations, laughter, and companionship.

What began as a personal mission to connect with his grandfather blossomed into a community-driven effort to combat senior loneliness across Connecticut, reminding us all of the transformative power of simple acts of kindness and connection.

James Crocker pictured holding one of our Birthday Cards (16-Year-Old Founder/Executive Director of LFOE-CT)

People and culture

We believe in the power of young people, our founder himself is just 16!

This is our why our team consists of people aged between 7 - 25 with volunteers aged 25+ serving as Advisors.

James Crocker

Founder / President

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